.about samesis.

Samesis jewelry was created in 2016. The brand consist of twins by Lucia and Katarína, who use non-traditional materials – woodcoal, wood, horse hair combined with unleaded tin and stainless steel in their creation. Materials are transformed into new objects, inspired by nature, landscape, asymmetry. The collections include organic minimalist sets, as well as striking massive pieces with a mysterious raw touch.

“We are constantly thinking about new shapes and we enjoy combinations of materials. Each piece of jewelry goes through our hands, and therefore it is always unique in its organic form. And we’re basing on it.“

Used materials

Samesis jewelry is made of lead-free health friendly tin solder containing Sn97Ag3 silver and surgical and/or stainless steel. Each completed jewel is soaked for several hours in an antioxidant oil that prevents the oxidation of tin due to the environment.

The advantage of tin jewelry is that it does not change color by wearing, only it could gradually lose its shine by a bit. Likewise, with a patina jewel, it may happen that the patina fades a little over time.

Care of tin jewelry

Taking care of tin jewelry is not demanding. Simply polish the tin with a Swedish cloth or other dry cotton cloth. Subsequently, it is recommended to soak the jewel in the antioxidant solution again. In the case of abrasion of wood carbon in jewelry, we recommend spraying the carbon surface with ordinary hairspray for additional fixation before possible staining. Jewelery with a black patina may have rusty/red spots on the surface - these spots of patina are no longer protected by antioxidant oil. Gently scrape the stains off with a sharp object. Subsequently, it is recommended to treat the jewel with antioxidant solution.

Do not immerse the jewelry in water unnecessarily and also try avoid contact with the perfume. If you are not sure how to take care of your jewelry, contact us and we will treat your jewelry for free.